TechniTrader Student Mentoring Webinar review - by Robert K. - "Very worthwhile for me!!"

Student writes review about the support webinar, saying it was an excellent demonstration in relating current change in indicators to the way those indicators looked previously.

First of all, I would like to thank you (Martha Stokes CMT) for your efforts on the (TechniTrader Student Mentoring) webinars. I am the type of person who gets more from this sort of training over written lessons. Once the webinar is finished, I go back to the reading material, and so much of it is clear. Often it is a side comment that is made during the session that strikes the magic bell then suddenly all is put in place for me. 

A good example, in a past webinar a side topic was brought up regarding lot sizes. Martha answered saying keep to a specific size for all the trades. I remember learning it in the (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course) ME10 but for some reason I strayed.

Even when I was going back through the (DVDS) videos, I still missed it. I was struggling with my trades where I continued making some bad decisions. Once I heard that little tidbit on lot sizes, the entire picture came back with even better clarity. After going through my historical trades I was able to see where I started going off track. These changes were so subtle I did not recognize the changes that led me astray.

That is just one example. Right now I am managing 2 to 4 stocks at any given time with available cash for any surprise opportunities. Since the last week of April my stock selection, and entry and exit strategies have been bang on. Only one error and that was only because I slipped and did not follow the working process I had worked out, actually I followed a stock tip from another person. My gains are modest but consistent. My anxiety of owning one stock over another is all but gone. My focus is back to making good, smart choices as opposed to making money. 

Speaking of specific information, last night was an excellent demonstration on recognizing "change of sentiment." More important however was relating that current change to earlier (Quiet Accumulation) QA and to the (Time Segmented Volume/Money Stream) TSV/MS indicators.

Again, thanks for the effort you made for last night’s webinar. Very worthwhile for me!!

Robert K.

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