TechniTrader Stock Market Education "Student Support" review - by Rui T.C.- "learn by doing" with every day stock market real charts

Student writes review about a TechniTrader Support Publication written by Staff Member saying she is concise and efficient for easier understanding.

Hi Mele,

Regarding DME (recent TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publication) and many others. This one is only one more example after many before. It has been quite a while ago I’m about to tell you this: Very sincerely congratulations for the excellent analysis you keep doing for the subscriptions. I will be happy if they become more frequent.

Your comments are always concise and at the same time very efficient showing the rationality of your analyses and decisions, allowing us the students to easier understand and frame into the context of the concepts we have been learning.

It is very rare to find profound knowledge together with the ability to communicate it simply and clearly.I used to call it “make the difficult look easy and clear.” 

This is the last stage of knowledge for teaching, and as you probably know it is not so common as many people think. Together with TechniTrader “learn by doing” methodology over every day Stock Market real cases (chart examples), it is the secret of success and the best we can expect.

At the beginning of my contact with TechniTrader, I think I told my main goal after retiring from a long and very active professional life, was to find something interesting and stimulating to be busy. Three years after I’m happy with my choice, keep on having a lot of fun, and I feel proud to be able to make some money with this my new activity which was not my first goal.

Thank you for that and keep on.

Have a nice day,
Rui T. C.

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