I Saw Potential While Others Panicked

"Martha, I want to say thanks for all the outstanding information that you have in the DMEs (Daily Market Educator). It is so helpful and vital as far as the day to day U.S. and world events. You have taught me to keep my emotions out of everything and it is really helping.  

Last Friday, so many people were panicked with the 600 point drop. I didn't want to go to work Monday because I was excited about the potential possibilities of the rebound and wanted to see what was going to happen. I did virtual trade several stocks that had rebounds and did well.  

I have printed almost all of the DMEs, read, and reread, then taken notes from them about things that I need to learn and memorize. Sometimes I look at all of this information I have in front of me, besides all of the courses that I have taken, and it can get so overwhelming, but I just keep going through it. Anyway, thank you!!"
 -Roger M.

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