A Big, Giant WOW!

"Hi Martha, Howard, and Therese,

I just finished watching the workshop recording and found it to be fantastic. I have been wanting to attend one of your workshops for quiet sometime now, but because of geographical restrictions it was not something I could do, thank you so much for doing this. I like to have that person to person interaction especially when learning something new. So please keep the workshops going, it's a great way for us outside of the US to have a bit of interaction of some sort with our outstanding teachers, and helped me to learn things that can at times be difficult to grasp.

The area which I found that helped me the most was the beginning at doing the market analysis in the daily journal, there are times that I become unsure about market conditions and your guidance in this area is most helpful.  I am a position trader at this time, but would like to move to swing trading in the future. Having said that, this is the area that I need to work at. It was great to see how you interpret the numbers for market analysis, as this is an area I need to improve on. The one thing I have learned about this market we have been experiencing is…as you said in the Methodology Course, is that...“Sideways Markets are difficult to trade.”  I didn’t know what you meant at that time, but I sure do now.  

I also follow you on twitter as well and it has been a huge support for pre-market analysis, as at this time I do not record market futures.  Every morning when I come off night shift, the first thing I do is visit your blog on twitter to read and write down in my journal what your analysis is of that day’s activity. 
It’s all wonderful support, and I am very grateful for it.   

It’s all very exciting!
Thank you, all the best, and a big giant WOW!!!"


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