Courses Perfect for Beginners

To Martha Stokes CMT:

"I just want to thank you for the TSV course that you put together. It definitely was challenging to learn, especially the ROC indicator. I'm thankful to Mele for answering many questions that I had about it. I am simulator trading picks right now, and I am using the things that I have learned to make sure I am understanding it all correctly.  

I cannot believe the difference in my knowledge and ability that I have gained in the last year. Also, the DME's and morning reports are just so valuable to me. I print them out often, and go through them repeatedly. I have an entire 3 ring binder of notes that I have typed out, from everything that I have studied over time.  

Your courses from the ME10 and beyond are just perfectly made for beginners. You have a way to explain things so detailed that I was able to comprehend it eventually. I just know that trading is going to be a huge part of my financial future. Thanks again."

-Roger M.

For more information about the ME10 go here.